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Kapha Body Oil - 50ml

Kapha Body Oil - 50ml

The Kapha body oil is a unique blend of cold pressed, eco certified Moroccan Argan oil and Ayurvedic essential oils. The Argan oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants and nurishes the skin optimally while the oil is quickly absorbed by the skin.

The unique combination of essential oils is created by naturopath and Ayurvedic teacher Kimmana Nichols. The oil combination is based on the ancient, Indian science of life and health called Ayurveda and gives our bodyoils her unique balancing qualities that support your entire body.

The Kapha body oil has an energizing effect on body and mind. The stimulating scent supports the lymphatic system of the body, gives clarity and stimulates body and mind.


Ideal for:

  • people with a Kapha constitution
  • periods that you are feeling fatigued
  • when the body feels heavy or is retaining fluids
  • drainage or energizing massages
  • people that feel tired and are depressed
  • during the Winter and Spring season

Content: 50 ml


Ingredients: 100% organic Argan oil, Essential oils: Basil, Bergamot, Cajeputi, Kampher, Ginger Rosemary

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