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Ayurvedic Body Oil

- According to the Ancient Indian Health and Life Teaching -

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda literally means 'the science of life' or 'life knowledge' and dates back to the Vedic era around 3500 BC. It offers a holistic approach to our body and mind and makes use of the knowledge about the elements. Based on the elements, it works with three doshas or constitution types that provide insight into your personal inclinations and sensitivities.

The goal of Ayuveda is to create balance  in body and mind, through which illnesses and discomforts can be prevented and cured. Various methods are used, such as yoga, meditation, herbs, nutrition, bodywork and self-massage with holistic oils. Which combination of treatments is used depends on the constitution and which imbalance is at play at that moment.

What are the constitution types/doshas?


Do you have a lighter build, quickly cold hands and feet, fine hair, are you a quick thinker and talker and are you full of ideas? Then there is a good chance that you have a lot of Vata in your constitution. You can recognize whether Vata is out of balance by worrying a lot, being confused and rushed, having difficulty relaxing, creaking joints and difficult bowel movements. During the fall and if you live in the city it is always good to give some extra attention to balancing Vata.

Oil & Ohm Selfcare

The Vata dosha consists of the elements ether and air and creates movement in the body and mind. Examples include breathing, blood circulation, muscles and the nervous system, but also thoughts and emotions such as fear, nervousness and pain.

The Vata oil is warming, calming and comforting.


You can recognize a Pitta constitution by an average physique, clear, analytical thinking ability, purposefulness and decisiveness and the skin can have freckles. Pitta out of balance means there is too much fire in the body. Do you regularly suffer from heartburn or a spreading skin rash / irritation, are you easily irritated or irritated, are you sometimes a bit sharp and are you mainly concerned with achieving your goals without time for relaxation and play? Then the Pitta oil is ideal for you! In addition, the summer season and busy, stressful periods in your life are good times to pay more attention to balancing Pitta.

The Pitta dosha consists of the elements water and fire. It is responsible for the digestion and metabolism of the body. Pitta is easily irritated by too much effort, stress, and too much heat (both physically and mentally).

The Pitta oil is cooling, soothing and calming.


If Kapha is dominant in your constitution, you can recognize this by a somewhat fuller build, round features in the face, shiny thick hair, calm temperament and caring character. If Kapha is out of balance, this can cause complaints such as fatigue, weight gain, lethargy and constipation. During the winter and spring Kapha needs a little more attention, think of winter dips and spring fatigue.

The Kapha dosha consists of the elements water and earth. Kapha is responsible for creating the structure of your body and makes up the cells, muscle mass, organs and bones. It is solid, provides structure and a foundation.

The Kapha oil is energizing and stimulating.

Do you want to know which dosha(s) are dominant in your constitution? Take the test here !

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