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Feel Good by Doing Good for Others and Yourself



100% Organic  

Argan Oil

Not on Animals  


Holistic & Daily Balance

Quality, ethics and sustainability are paramount in the production of the oil! We are convinced that a product can only be really good for you if nature and other living creatures are not harmed during its production or use.

That is why we have four clear pillars on the basis of which we determine our choices for the ingredients:

  • We only use natural ingredients. We therefore consciously choose not to use plastic in terms of packaging. All oil is in a glass bottle. This is because plastic only adds unnecessary chemicals for you as a user and does not benefit the quality of the oil and because we do not want to burden nature with plastic packaging.

  • The argan oil is 100% organic and every batch is retested and certified.

  • We do not test on animals and do not use animal products.

  • All our products are holistic and bring together the best of different worlds. Aimed at creating daily balance, they hopefully contribute to a better connection with the world around you. We believe that this is the basis from which we can make choices that are good for the world in which we live.

This ensures that we proudly stand behind our products and we can tell you with great conviction that our oil contributes to a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

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