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Ayurvedic Constitution Test

Get to know yourself, every day again

Answer the questions below by selecting the answer that is most true for you.

Note how often you answer A, B or C.

1. My physique is:

A. Small/Refined

B: Average

C: Large/coarse

2. My body weight is:

A. Light, I have a hard time gaining weight

B. Average

C. Heavy, I gain weight easily

3. My skin type is:

A. Dry and fast rough

B. Soft and greasy

C. Moist and greasy

4. My body temperature is:

A. Cold easily, often cold hands and feet    

B. Warm

C. Cool and cozy

5. My amount of scalp hair is:

A. Average

B. Get thinner

C. Many and full

6. My hair type is:

A. Dry

B. Normal

C. Greasy

7. My hair color is:

A. Light brown/blonde

B. Red/Red Brown

C. Dark brown/black

8. My iris is:

A. Klein

B. Average

C. Groot

9. My Eyes:

A. Has a blue or brown sheen

B. Has a yellow or red sheen

C. Is white or glossy

10. My teeth are:

A. Very large or very small

B. Small to Medium

C. Medium to Large

11. The color of my teeth is:

A. Dark, discolored

B. Yellowish

C. Pearl White

12. My physical condition is:

A. Bad

B. Good

C. Very good

13. My physical strength is:

A. Gering

B. Good

C. Excellent

14. My resistance is:

A. Vulnerable

B. Mediocre

C. High resistance

15. My Appetite Is:

A. Irregular

B. Sharp, I need to eat regularly

C. I can skip meals

16. I prefer to eat:

A. Warm food with drink

B. Cold

C. Dry and warm

17. My way of eating is:

A. Fast

B. With medium speed

C. Slow

18. My gait is:

A. Fast

B. Average

C. Slow

19. My reaction to the weather:

A. I hate cold

B. I hate heat

C. I dislike damp, cool weather


20. My mental activity is:

A. Quick Minded, Restless

B. Sharp intellect, aggressive

C. Calm and stable


21. My Memory:

A. Less good for the short term

B. Is good

C. Is best for long term

22. My dreams are usually:

A. Frightening, I often fly in my dream

B.cAngry, fiery and violent

C. About clouds, water and relationships

23. My sleep is usually:

A. Light and interrupted

B. Healthy and of average height

C. Healthy and tall

24. When I have to function under stress I become:

A. Quickly excited

B. Angry easily, mood swings

C. Not easily irritated

25. My Mood:

A.Changes quickly

B.Changes slowly

C. Is stable and unchanging

26. When I Feel Hurt:

A. I cry

B. Do I argue

C. I withdraw


27. My self-confidence is:

A. Low

B. Outward-facing

C. Inner


28. My ambitions are:

A. Easily distracted

B. Concentrated and driven

C. Slowly and steadily

29. I express affection through:

A. Words

B. Gifts


30. My relationships are:

A.Variable and fleeting

B. Intense and with strong passion

C. Long, deep and familiar

31. My speech is:

A. Fast, sometimes stumbling

B. Fast, sharp and clear

C. Slow, bright, gentle


32. My voice intonation is:

A. High and fast

B. Average

C. Low, deep in sound

Count the number of times you answered A, B, and C.

Predominantly A = Vata

Predominantly B = Pitta

Predominantly C= Kapha

Often 2 of the doshas are dominant. For example, Vata-Pitta or Pitta-Kapha.

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