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Feel Good By Doing Good For Yourself & Others



100% Organic  

argan oil

Not Tested On Animals

Holistic & Daily 


When creating our oils the quality, ethics, and sustainability are our priorities! We are convinced that a product can only truly be good for you if nature and other sentient beings are not harmed during the production or use of it.


This is why we have four clear pillars, based on which we choose our ingredients:


  • We only use natural ingredients. Also when selecting the packaging material, we consciously chose to not use plastic. All oils are in glass bottles. This because plastic only adds unneeded chemicals for you as the user and has a negative effect on the quality of the oil. And because we don't want to burden nature with plastic packaging.

  • The argan oil is 100% organic and each batch is tested again and certified.

  • We don't test on animals or use ingredients that have been tested on animals. We also don't use any animal products.

  • All our products are holistic and unite the best of different worlds. Focused on creating daily balance, they hopefully contribute to a better connection with the world around you. We believe this is the foundation from which we can make choices that benefit the world we live in.


These four principles make that we present our products with pride and can confidently say that the oils contribute to a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

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