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argan oil

- Nature's Medicine from Morocco -

Argan oil is Morocco's treasure! The oil is made of the argan nut, the fruit of the argan tree that only grows in and around Morocco. The nut is, following the Moroccan tradition, cracked by hand by local women and turned into oil and different products . The oil has been used for centuries for body- and haircare and is known for its high quality and powerful benefits. Oil & Ohm's high-quality Argan oil is cold-pressed, EcoCert certified and made in Morocco. The oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E, healthy fatty acids, and antioxidants. Because of the high quality, the oil is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves it soft and smooth.


How to use it?

Argan oil can be used as a body oil, facial oil, and hair oil.

The oil is absorbed quickly by the skin making it ideal as an after-shower body oil. Right after using the oil, you can put your clothes on without getting oil stains on your clothing.


facial care

Argan oil is the perfect anti-aging oil for your face. Use a more generous amount at night after cleansing your face with a gentle and natural face wash. In the morning you can use a few drops of oil that will readily be absorbed by the skin. The oil is safe to use on the sensitive skin around the eyes.


hair care

As hair oil, it is ideal for daily use for people with curly or dry hair. If your and scalp becomes oily quickly in between washings, you can rub some oil on your scalp and throughout your hair before going to sleep and wash as usual the next day. The oil will nourish your hair during the night and balance the skin. As a result, your hair will be shiny and healthy and your scalp less dry or oily.



  • Hydrates and nourishes skin and hair

  • S moothes and softens hair

  • Balances oily skin

  • Anti-aging

  • Fades stretch marks

  • calm acne

  • Cools infections


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